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Proudly owned artisan soap and natural skincare business. We infuse botanicals, herbs, spices and essential oils into quality base oils, to deliver high quality  products; tailored to soothe itchy/dry, oily and/or sensitive skin types.


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"I have been buying for months now. No more buying products from major stores hilling essentials is my favorite 😍 . I had two major surgeries and lost all my hair and I can confidently say my hair has grown back so fast due to using hilling essentials cause before it took along time to have any growth at all! These products are amazing! Soft and just enjoyable. Why waste money on products that are not good for you I will always tell everyone and spread word about this fantastic company I really love them."

"Their soaps are amazing and I have bought them a couple of times. They don't dry out my skin and smell great! Today I tried out their body butter for the first time and fell in love with the ginger peach body butter as well. I usually have pretty dry skin but it feels great now!"


I have eczema and asthma and can use her products. The Shea Butter feels light and airy and the scents are light and fresh. You need to give it a try.


I won a bottle of the GOOD NIGHT oil at the KNOTTY AND NATURAL fest.. and HUNNI CHILE….. WILL BE GETTING MORE


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