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Hilling Essentials offers a variety of handcrafted, luxurious soap bars tailored for all skin types. These

bars are created to bring a gentle, yet moisturizing effect, leaving your skin happy. Our bars are

formulated with a variety of oils and butters to bring luxurious qualities to each bar.

We have a variety of bars to choose from:

  • Extra-gentle “fragrance-free” or fragranced goat’s milk bars. We offer a variety of fragranced bars, scented with high-quality fragrance oils, that will take your bathing experience to another level. You, yes, you (the customer) decide which fragrance(s) are sold year-round or “seasonal”. Best-selling scents are offered year-round. Otherwise, “seasonal” scents will be offered to keep things interesting.  All fragrances are paraben and phthalate free.

  • All Natural, Plant-Based bars, made with coconut cream, coconut milk or milk powders and essential oils. Most of these bars are offered year-round; with a few seasonal scents to keep it things interesting ‘round here. Stay tuned for future blogs, discussing the love that the herbs, flowers and essential oils bring to those able to use them.
  • Ghanian All-Natural Black Soap bars; specially formulated facial soap bars, tailored to assist you with your daily skin care regimen. Stay tuned for future blogs, discussing the love these powders bring to those able to use them.

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