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Hilling Essentials evolved through my fascination with nature and holistic healing. I am the founder and CEO, Arlene Hill Smith. I am a life learner, and have been experimenting in making skincare for my own personal use for more than a decade. 

After experiencing a layoff from my position in corporate payroll during the challenging times of COVID, I found myself with a newfound opportunity to pursue something I truly loved. This unexpected change allowed me to reflect on my passions and redirect my focus towards creating a business that aligned with my interests and skills. I threw myself wholeheartedly into this passion of mine to include: research & development; enrolling in online courses for holistic skincare; herbs, flowers and aromatherapy. 

I began experimenting with different formulations and ingredients to craft skincare products, that are both nourishing and effective. As I witnessed the positive transformation in the skin and overall well-being of my loved ones who used these products, I knew I had discovered something special.


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Hilling Essentials, LLC was established in May '2020, and offers an array of handcrafted skincare products. From goat's milk soap bars, to face creams and body butters. Our products are crafted with the finest, ethically sourced ingredients; tailored to soothe dry/itchy, oily and sensitive skin types. A true labor of love.

After witnessing firsthand, the impact our products were having in the lives of family and friends, we decided to present them to our community. Since 2012, Hilling Essentials has held a constant presence, as a vendor at "Hub City Roots" (a local farmer's market) in downtown Spartanburg.

We take immense pride in the positive impact our products have made in the lives of our customers. The success stories fuel our passion to continuously excel. Our goal? To prove wellness through self-care: mind, body, and soul.

Why the spelling (Hilling vs Healing), inquiring minds want to know? “It is a tribute to my beloved son, Michael (Hill-Gentry) and first-cousin Darren (Hill), who were gunned down in a double homicide in April 2012. The pain associated with losing my son is indescribable. A club that no mother should be inducted into. "Hilling" is a homonyn, created to honor their memory, and my "heal-ing" journey.

Although the business started as a personal journey, it has evolved into something much greater. The continued support of our customers, coupled with our passion and drive, is such a rewarding experience! We are grateful and remain open to receive everything God has for us.





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