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It’s Butter Baby…

Brrr…It’s cold y’all!! Jack Frost has swept through Spartanburg, South Carolina twice in one week and he doesn’t appear to be done with us yet. January and February are the coldest months in the northern hemisphere, and we have plenty more winter left. This time of the year can be brutal for those who suffer from dry skin. Not only are we exposed to the low humidity when going outdoors, we are using indoor heat to stay warm. Electric heat, although cozy, removes moisture from the air, which is a double whammy for dry skin sufferers. I have sensitive, dry skin and had a hard time finding a good moisturizer to combat it. I did the research and have been making my own body butter for more than a decade.

Hilling Essentials’ handcrafted body butter is a treat for dry skin suffers! It is made with raw (unrefined) shea butter, a natural anti-inflammatory loaded with vitamins A and E; unrefined cocoa butter, which protects the skin by locking in moisture; organic coconut oil, another anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial; olive oil, an antioxidant, chocked full of vitamins A, D and K!! We melt those butters in a hot water bath, then add glycerin and Vitamin E. Glycerin draws moisture to the skin, while vitamin E improves water binding ability.

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  1. Maria L Harris

    Your products are amazing and they look delicious enough to eat… I know they are not edible but just looking at them shows the dedication you put into making them. Continue to thrive and I know the best is yet to come for your business.. I will be in touch soon to make my purchases.

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