Oats, Milk & Honey

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This soap bar, made with calming colloidal oats, goat’s milk and honey, is a treat for the skin! It’s a best seller…a great bar for itchy, dry skin types or those who love a creamy, lathery soap bar! The scent is sure to take you down memory lane… a good ol’ fashioned “Grandma’s kitchen”  kind of scent! It’s warm, creamy, and plain old delicious!!

This bar is offered unscented, for sensitive skin types.

Crafted with: sodium hydroxide; distilled water; coconut oil; olive oil; palm oil; castor oil; raw honey; sodium lactate; fragrance; colloidal oats; oatmeal; cocoa (colorant). Made with Love

Due to constant research and efforts to improve product quality, ingredients may change. Always refer to product label for a complete list of ingredients.

For external use only. Keep out of eyes. Do not ingest. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.

As with all bath and body products, please do a patch test to check for any allergies.

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The scent of this soap takes me back to being at my aunt Joyce’s (as a kid). My aunt Joyce kept my sister and I, along with my aunt’s son (love you JG), while our mothers worked. She made room for us alongside the 6 children of her own…but let me tell ya, Aunt Joyce did not play, ok! My Aunt Joyce helped instill the importance of “family” and providing when there is a need. She would load un (my sister and I) in the car some mornings, and we rode with her to transport our uncle Clarence (Hugo) to work. When I think of the love that went into what she did for us, day in and day out—the love is so much appreciated. In 2021, as think about the strength it took this mighty woman of God to pull that off! LOVE, you hear me?

Listen!! We spent weekends at our grandmother’s house “right out the path”–country folk know what this means (lol). Our Aunt Joyce made sure we were loaded up and at the church for choir rehearsals, Sunday school, revivals (you name it)! Aunt Joyce sewed our choir robes!! The whole choir, y’all!! As I typed those words, I heard in my spirit, “this is the blood you are built from”!! Thank you Lord!

Ok, I just had church about my aunt…let’s get to the scent: It’s a down-home, good ol’ fashioned (Grandma’s kitchen) kind of scent! It’s warm, creamy, and plain old delicious!!

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Oats, Milk, Honey

Original, Unscented

2 reviews for Oats, Milk & Honey

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